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Hey ya'll, watch this!

HI Moms! Today I started a diet. Well, its just more like watching what I eat better and not eating as much. I hope this is not too out of taste, but here are some pics of me in a belly dancing outfit. Im going to try to do this behind an LJ cut, so keep your fingers crossed that it works. These were taken on Oct 1, 2005.

I know you have to click on the link to get the pic. I cant get it to work the way i want it to. sorry.

<img src="" alt="Image hosting by Photobucket">

I still look like I'm 8 months pregnant in these pics.

<img src="" alt="Image hosting by Photobucket">

On to the introductions</u>:

I am 33
DOB is Oct 31, 1972 - MUHAHAHA :D
Live in St. Louis, MO
have a 7 year old daughter
have a wonderful hosband
have a monkey for a 7 year old step-son ( i hate the term step. He's MY son)
my hubby and I got married April 30th 2005
we met cuz the kids were in the same preschool class
I am a parent helper in my daughters karate class - shes a green belt at age 7. Woo Hoo! (better that her mama)
I hate cleaning, doing dishes and laundry. but I sometimes gotta do what I dont wanna do. :(

my goal is to be about 125/130 lbs by May 1 2006.

The funniest saying I have ever heard is

If you do not pay the exorcist, you may be repossesed.


Hope to hear from you soon!
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