thistles (thistles) wrote in baggage__check,

chocolate cupcake

I just got back from the gym. Yayy, me. I got an appointment with one of the trainers there, so I'll be meeting with her next week. Why is it that when I get home from the gym I immediately have this craving for chocolate cupcakes or similar? I have the WORST cravings right now! Fortunately, we don't have any chocolate cupcakes in the house. But that doesn't mean I can't whip some up! I try to eat healthy, I really do. In fact we are getting a delivery of organic fruits and vegetables tonight. But dammit I don't WANT a nice crisp apple. I want chocolate cupcakes! OK I am just going to have to stop saying the word because it just makes me want them even more.

Going to eat some lentils now.
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