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Hello! I just wanted to share with you a little bit of me and my personality so, I did a little survey! Here it is!

Name: Pamela
Age: 20
Height: 5'0
Children: 1...Nathan, 8 months old!
Weight before pregnancy: 150lbs
Weight after pregnancy: 200lbs
Weight goal:140lbs
size before pregancy: 13 in Juniors
size after pregnancy: 17-18 in juniors
size you want to be: 9 in juniors
What area of your body, do you want to loose the most weight: belly area, butt
Favorite fatty food(s): Pizza Rolls!
Favorite healthy food(s): Muscle Milk!

Picture(s) of you before pregnancy:
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Me in june, 2005
Picture(s) of you after pregnancy:
Image hosting by TinyPic
Any Updates? Actually since I joined the gym 2 months ago,...I have lost 11 pounds! I need to loose more weight within december 16, of 2006 for my wedding! Good luck to everyone!
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