**Miss Krys** (kryspykitty) wrote in baggage__check,
**Miss Krys**

Freaked the hell out....

Well I am in the process of getting this wedding thing going for the fall time frame and I've just run into the 'brick wall' in my head that I only have about 7m (or less, really) to get in decent shape enough to fit in a wedding gown!!I have to lose at least 20pds to be anywhere even close to my prepreggy weight (though 30-40 was my ideal weight loss goal) and therefore almost still resemble the woman that my fiance fell in love with.

This shouldn't be an unnattainable goal but considering since Slaters birth over 2yrs ago all I've done is gain 30pds and then only managed to lose 20 of that so far(not to mention the preggy weight that is still here).:(

Hence the freak out mode and reason I'm not feeling to hot about this whole predicament.

Not really sure what kinda of responses I was looking for here, just more really wanted to vent and put that out there.

Thanks for reading/listening.:)
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