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Okay, I'm working really hard on coming up with a target- a visualization of what I want from myself in the future, what I'm hoping to achieve with this weight loss and body change. Mine isn't as simple as a special outfit or size whatever jeans and I'm having a hard time narrowing all my feelings down to something that can remind me of my goal in an instant. I'm hoping that you ladies are willing to talk about your own target or focus and if you don't already have one, to find one with me. Here's an excerpt from the article that got me thinking about it

Many people think it is very difficult to break a board with your fist. But I found that to break a board with a punch is much easier than I originally thought. It requires both focus, and aiming just beyond the board with your fist. You believe in your mind that you can break the board. The first time that takes faith, but after that, you know you can. You mentally focus, breathe and strike. Then you watch the board fall in two pieces at your feet. It is something that takes only a split second, but the lesson is just as true for something that will take years to accomplish: weight loss. You must aim beyond your goal weight. Your desire to succeed must include not only losing the weight but, maintaining that loss for the rest of your life.

No two people are exactly alike. You must find your own source of fire. I wish I could just hand it to you, and say, "Here you go, this will take you to the finish line." But I can't. I don't know what will motivate you. You are a special person, with your own spark of life, and your own wonderful traits. You are unique in this world, a one of a kind, which makes you very special. But it also makes you someone who must decide for yourself what your target is. What will drive you to the top of the mountain, and into the future version of yourself, slim and trim, and happy that you are?

Search out the answer to that question. Do not hurry and do not be shallow in your thinking. Write down a list of every reason that you can think of as to why you want to lose weight. Think about the items on the list. Are they really important to you? Which of them really hits you where you live? To create a fire that will burn not only hot, but also long, you must pick something that will motivate you for the long haul.

Once you have identified what it is that will really fire your spirit, write it down on a card, and put it somewhere where you can see it every day. Carry it with you and read it often. Focus on it and picture in your mind hitting that target squarely in the middle of the bull's eye. If you have a weak moment, stop and read your target statement. Visualize hitting your target, and if you have chosen your target well, you will find it much easier to stop your negative thinking, and instead search out something positive to do with your time. If you see yourself actually hitting your target often enough, you will come to rightly believe that your only destiny lies upon a road where your target will become your own reality. You can do this!


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